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Transformational voice work for life, body & soul

Singing in the Wild Summer Retreat

Wed 17th  to Sun 21st July 2024​

Bala Brook Retreat Centre, Devon, UK

~ Free your Natural Voice ~

~ Express yourself with ease ~

~ Unlock your true expression ~

~ Be heard and received without fear  ~

~  Experience true self acceptance ~

~ Reclaim your soulful expression ~

Increase your capacity for meaningful and fulfilling contact with others while exploring and unlocking your ability 

to express yourself through your natural singing voice. 

This work is an invitation to become fully present - all of yourself - free from the foggy meanderings of the mind.

It is an invitation to show up and become fully alive.

The result is an inner confidence and a sense of wellbeing that is borne from an experience of letting go and of

trusting the other to receive us.

The result is an awakening not only to our natural singing voice,

but to our true nature and who you really are.

"It was a revelation to me, to experience a voice workshop where the space was so skillfully held - with such kindness, strength and sensitivity ... It has been a profound and life-changing experience which will ripple out into the rest of my life for a long time to come.

Many teachers talk about creating a 'safe space' - but few actually have the skill to achieve it."   Julie Darling, Harpist

In the following pages you will find details of workshops, retreats and sessions - for discovering and exploring your natural singing voice. This is a unique way of working with the voice that is based on a 30 year exploration into the singing voice as a tool for personal, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It is different to a community choir or a chanting group. This way of working is deeply freeing, healing and therapeutic, but is not therapy. It is a process that is as gentle as it is powerful, offering participants the opportunity to breakthrough stuck and limiting ways of being that may have held us back in our creative, personal, social and intimate lives, for a very long time.
People who have worked in this way report a number of benefits - greater confidence and a greater ability to express and communicate authentically. People tend to enjoy greater aliveness and an ability to connect with others in a more vulnerable, open and ultimately more fulfilling way. In short, our expressive and emotional vocabulary increases. We start to enjoy a greater capacity for intimacy and truth in our relationships that answers a deep human need.
Ways of taking this journey forward include working one to one in Bristol, working in group settings, and taking the longer Singing in the Wild retreat. This work feeds into the larger project of living your life with greater creativity, well being and life fulfillment. When you awaken your voice, you awaken your soul, your creative essence and your life energy.

Ibiza Retreat - a few years ago...

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