Anthony Johnston

My name is Anthony Johnston - some 25 years ago I started an exploration into the singing voice. This led me on a journey that has brought greater colour, magic and music to my life, something I would never have imagined possible in the world I found myself in; internal changes and openings were reflected by meetings and happenings that challenged my perception of life as a limited, two dimensional thing. Since discovering the joy and power of what you could call my 'natural singing voice' in 1988, I have followed a desire to help others discover, explore and develop their 'natural voice', and to share the wellbeing that comes from singing beyond restraint.  We all have a singing voice - different abilities maybe, but some part of who we are seeks to find expression. Some are called to do that with music and through the most intimate instrument we have, our very own voice. You don't have to want to be a performer - moments of magic can happen in the most simple and ordinary of situations - to miss them is tragic. To know your singing voice is an exploration waiting for those who want to take it up,  but only you can take the first steps. This is an invitation to connect with what is truly authentic in you. It is an invitation to connect with your soul and risk loosening your safety. It is an invitation to be real but vulnerable, intimate but rooted in your essence. It is about truly showing up, just as you are. Nothing more and nothing less.



On another side of my work, and particularly for those interested in personal development and the soul's evolution, I offer sessions for groups for increased self awareness and life enhancement such as the Enlightenment Intensive.


I am the musical director and founder of Borjghali, Bristol Georgian Choir - which is in it's twelfth year. Check us out at