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Anthony Johnston

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Anthony is a skilled group facilitator based in Devon, UK, who has been teaching for some 30 years. He has followed a path of personal and spiritual development with a particular focus on how authentic communication and the singing voice can restore us to our natural state of being.

The process he has developed draws on his musical background, as well as a deep knowledge about communication processes learned as a Mind Clearing practitioner and an Enlightenment Intensive Master.


Anthony is founder and director of Borjghali Georgian Choir, which specialises in the polyphonic singing tradition of the Republic of Georgia.

He is co-director of The Village Soul Project Community Interest Company, that is sponsoring this retreat. 

Anthony is known for his ability to create safe and supportive spaces, free from blame and judgement. The unique facilitation he provides enables participants to go deep in the exploration, contemplation and communication of the true individual, to find expression through authentic communication and our natural singing voice.


“The trust and support amongst all of us developed very quickly, because of the way you facilitated the group; gently inviting us to connect, to listen and to see each other in a loving, kind and generous way.  Your support was impeccable throughout, so full of heart, care, warmth, humour, gentle challenge and skilful guidance”. 

Course participant

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