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Awakening to the music of what is...

"Call it voicework or song, Anthony's heart-guidance and passion travels across all kingdoms of aloneness and wasted years to the Great Meeting; face to face, Ocean Bringer, roaring the Earth's sound of rocks & waterfalls, praising the skies and the green world, calling what is Holy with the wine and flowers of singing beyond restraint. Beyond all fearful, noble or spiritual shame, Anthony teaches from the rocky precipice of being alive now. "  

Singing in the Wild weaves together a unique tapestry of voice work, music, eco-spirituality and ceremony to create a profound and transformative retreat; the result is a powerful journey into the heart of one's humanity.


Living close to the earth, contemplating the natural world and our own wild and liberated nature, moving beyond fear, doubt and separation, we will celebrate our intimate connection to the Earth, to each other and to the unspeakable mystery that lives in each of us.



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