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Singing in the Wild - retreat


"Your absolute dedication and commitment, your honesty, openess, warmth and holding helped to make it one of the most powerful, coherent, moving "workshops" that I have attended. Thank you so much for creating this journey. It has touched me deeply: satisfying, revealing and healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." 

Dave Kennington



"Working with Anthony and Paloma over the years at Singing in the Wild has been a heart warming and soul enriching experience ... bringing me moments I shall cherish throughout my life."



"The loving support which I have received whilst finding my heart's voice, against a wild and ancient landscape has made Singing in the Wild a hugely enriching time that I have longed for throughout every year since I first attended."​

Dora Darling Swan



"I do not suppose, nor can I hope to have a musical experience of such delicate intensity anywhere else"



"I have nothing but praise and admiration for the way you and Paloma held the space and worked with us all. I heard and saw people singing with passion, sensitivity, generosity and love - it was a most rare vision that has touched the very core of my being."

Julie Darling



"Those days in the valley were amongst the deepest, most profound experiences of my life so far - and believe me, I've had a few!"

Awakening your Natural Voice - day and weekend courses
"It was a revelation to me, to experience a voice workshop where the space was so skillfully held - with such kindness, strength and sensitivity. This made it possible to truly embrace the process of 'letting go' of those walls of fear I have built up around myself, feeling safe and secure, able to explore the 'real voice' that is yearning to be heard. It has been a profound and life-changing experience which will ripple out into the rest of my life for a long time to come. Many teachers talk about creating the 'safe space' - but few actually have the skill to achieve it. Many thanks to you Anthony."  - Julie Darling
"Just to say a big thank you for the course. Even though it had its difficult moments for me, it was a fantastic experience and I feel it is the start of something more.What an amazing bunch of people they were, but I suspect it had something to do with what you brought out of us. I have never before experienced that level of support from a group of people that I had only just met - truly memorable and remarkable." - Anne Hawkins

"Wow! What a beautiful day. The space you created was intimate & relaxed. It was a day filled and surrounded with Love, empowerment and liberation - what a joy!"

Mia Hooper


It was a true pleasure and delight to be part of your workshop. Apart from the juiciness of depth that I have touched during the class and the fun, I also received so much inspiration. It has been such a huge learning process for me.

Andreea Bradu

Living Voice - evening sessions
"The Living Voice course was truly special. A beautiful, precious and what felt like a timeless space in the middle of the week. To some extent my life seemed to drop away when we all came together on the evenings in our candlelit circle, so that all that existed for me was our small community of fellow human beings, communicating deeply with one another without words, in a more authentic and primal way than we often manage with language, with the permission and opportunity to simply be - with one another, with our weird and wonderful sounds, and with our hearts. A true gift. Anthony weaved together exercises and ideas from his many years of experience of exploring and encouraging others to connect with their deepest voice in a seamless way, creating and holding this magical space with the lightest of touches". - Sarah Thorne

What previous participants have said...



Talks and taster sessions - Off Grid Festival

"I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for the workshops you gave at Sunrise Off Grid. I participated in the sound workshop and the exercise from the Enlightenment Intensive. Both were fascinating and touching and you hosted very well. I particularly like the way you speak, with strength, clarity, wisdom and truth - no bullshit." - Simon Drury Brown

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