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One to One Sessions

"Thank you for a truly inspiring series of voice coaching sessions. The breakthroughs have been many and given I was once terrified of using my voice I am exceptionally delighted with the progress I have made in such a short time.  In dropping my attachment to a rigid identity around singing, I have been able to step out into the previously unknown space of enjoying my singing voice for the first time in my life. All the fear has gone now."   

Leonardo Searle, Author, Spiritual Coach

The advantages of working one to one

Working one to one gives the opportunity of having your sessions tailored to suit your goals and aims. Whether you are new to singing, or whether you are wanting to increase your confidence as someone who already sings, or whether you are looking to hone a performance to a paying audience.

Having identified your aims, and any fears or issues, we will set about increasing your ability as a singer whatever your level of experience and look as areas such as the vocal projection, breath, posture and flow, self expression, pitching, tone, and any styles or genres of singing you want to sing in.

So wherever you are on your singing journey, we will work at increasing your ability to sing to others, formally or informally in the way you want to.

A holistic approach to the Singing Voice

I draw on over twenty two years of working with people musically and therapeutically to unlock their full vocal potential. So whether you are new to singing and want to just be able to sing a few songs around the campfire, or whether you want to hone your performance as a professional performer you may well benefit from taking a series of sessions.

The approach I take differs from a standard singing lesson. We do not follow a curriculum or a syllabus, nor are we getting you to sing in a conventionally accepted style. It is more about discovering your musical, vocal and creative goals and working from there. What do you want to sing? How do you want to sing it? What is holding you back? Who do you want to sing to? These are all questions to be looked into so that you are always working in the areas you want to be progressing in.


To sing with greater ease and confidence

To enjoy a greater ability to express yourself through the singing voice

To be able to perform more from the real you

To be able to sing with greater emotional integrity

To be able to invite more singing and music into your life

To have greater confidence to follow your musical journey in whatever way that calls you

In short to love singing and to get behind the song and deliver it!


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